About 24hPlus

We believe in making the most out of the 24 hours in a day. Our company is a sales-driven solutions provider with partners from all over South East Asia. At 24hPlus, we guarantee growth for business and career. We are 24hPlus.


Who are we? 24hPlus is a joint stock company run by a board of directors with decades of collective experience in the finance and banking industry. We provide sales outsourcing for different consumer finance products and have a presence in over 10 cities and provinces all over Viet Nam. Driving sales for our business partners are of vital importance to us, but we also give optimum value to our team members. Our office holds various growth and professional development initiatives to help each of our team members realize their true potential, helping them earn more than just soft office skills.


• Building an environment for attracting and developing human resources. Human development is focused on activities.
• Diversify B2B and B2C sales channels through Direct Sales, Telemarketing, Digital Marketing, Building sales consulting points.
• Application of modern technology in operational management organizations
• Establishing position and prestige through specific achievements in business cooperation, towards sustainable and prosperous relationships for the parties.


Bringing outstanding sales service to partners through modern sales channels and a well-organized professional sales force. Be a reliable partner in the process of market expansion with reasonable costs and ensure the implementation of business objectives. As a capacity development environment, is the destination of talent in the field of service sales. 


• Help product buyers get a reasonable choice.

• Help sellers to deliver the best value to customers and thereby build a large customer network.

• Giving good income and a dynamic working environment to help employees grow personally.

• Building a successful business organization that brings economic benefits to shareholders.

• Contribute to building a dynamic business environment, healthy competition in participating 24hPlus fields.

We do the heavy-lifting so you can enjoy business growth.

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