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The #24hPlusWorkCulture

Plenty of Growth Opportunities

Learning is better accompanied by experience, and with 24hPlus, there is abundant growth opportunities as team members are exposed to multi-national companies. Monthly workshops and weekly training sessions provide professional development and intrapersonal growth that will be helpful in and out of the office.


We put premium value to the workplace culture we are continuously build. At 24hPlus, we recognize the individuality of each team member, but also invest in creating a culture of team work and camaraderie. The #24hPlusWorkCulture includes friendly and professional workmates, weekly lunch on Wednesdays, team-building, and a stacked pantry!

Clear Career Path

At 24hPlus, we do more tham just recognize the Work Hard, Play Hard work culture. In addition to the basic salary, we always recognize and reward worthy employees with outstanding achievements and work history. Bonuses based on merit: basic from 1 to 6 months, varying by role and rank, quarterly review.